Veterinary - Testimonials

"Since the acquisition of the Anprolene sterilizer we have been able to have a quicker return of our equipment needed for interventional cardiology, therefore reducing the waiting list. We can now sterilize smaller loads and are completly independent from external services."

Dr. Nicole Van Israël, European Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology

"We re-process certain instruments for laparoscopy and endoscopy with Anprolene. We also use the cabinet to sterilise large amounts of items like dressings and bandages which cannot go through an autoclave. The system is easy and safe to use, and complements sterilisation using heat and steam."

Dr Maxime Birague, Equine Veterinary Surgeon,
Garonne, France

"We are very satisfied by the performance of our Anprolene steriliser, which perfectly complements our autoclave. This system delivers savings through the re-sterilisation of items impossible to sterilise by other means. We optimise the value of each cartridge by waiting to have a full load for each cycle."

Dr Adam and Dr Paumier, Veterinary Surgeon,,
Deauville, France

"I have used my Anprolene Sterilizer 2 times a week for 18 years. WIth the Anprolene damage free sterilization system my instruments last longer."

Clinton Skaggs, DVM
Pratt, KS

"I have used Anprolene everyday for 4 years with no problems. You have the ability to sterilize items like TPLO saws and blades, as well as electric drills without shrouds, drapes and staplers."

Stuart Johnson, DVM
Houston, TX

"I save more than $12,000 per year on surgery costs by employing Anprolene at the clinic where I practice. I could not operate without it."

M.Joseph Bojrab DVM, MS, Ph.D.
Las Vegas, NV

"Our Anprolene sterilizer is one of the best investments our clinic has made. The ability to sterilize a load in 3 1/2 hours has allowed our surgical productivity to increase dramatically. Plastics that cannot be autoclaved can now be gassed, allowing continual savings to the hospital and to the client by keeping overhead lower. The gas unit is very easy to operate and requires minimal staff time freeing up technicians to complete other tasks. There is never a concern about a load "overheating" or burning the outer wrappings as can happen with autoclaves. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how much we use our Anprolene sterilizer and what a positive impact it has on our hospital. "

Markee Kushel, Veterinarian
Littleton, CO