Hospitals & Labs - Testimonials

"Je déteste jeter tous les instruments réutilisables que j'utilise dans le cadre de ma clinique privée. La stérilisation à l'oxyde d'éthylène s'est avérée la solution la mieux adaptée pour la stérilisation des articles non utilisés et non emballés, tels que les sutures, les champs opératoires ou les bandages, mais aussi pour les articles utilisés, faciles à nettoyer, qu'il est impossible de stériliser dans un autoclave, tels que les articles en plastique ou en caoutchouc.

Je regrette de ne pas avoir découvert plus tôt les solutions d'Andersen Products Ltd. Par rapport au concurrent belge avec lequel j'avais l'habitude de traiter, les articles que j'envoie en Angleterre me sont réexpédiés dans un délai plus court et à un coût inférieur.

Je perds de l'argent chaque fois que je dois jeter des articles réutilisables. C'est la principale raison pour laquelle je recommande Andersen Products Ltd à tous les professionnels qui exercent dans le privé."

Dr Bruno De Meyere, chirurgien-plasticien, Belgique


"I use our gas sterilizer for all our specialty surgery packs. I find the instruments last longer since they no longer go through the expansion and contraction process with steam sterilization. I also use our gas sterilizer for IV pumps, drills, and all plastic tubing. I cannot think of anything in the hospital that has not been put into the gas. I love the fact that it keeps all my instruments looking as new as the day they were bought. The doctors can see the difference between emergency packs placed in steam and the orthopedic and soft tissue packs placed in gas. I do not know how I ever managed without it. The testing process was not a complicated one and the process of sterilization is a simple one. "

Amy Weiss, LVT, CAHT, Surgical Dept. Mgr.
River Veterinary Emergencies and Referrals
Chattanooga, TN


"We have been using Andersen products for the last 15 years to sterilize our cystoscopic equipment. We recently needed to upgrade our equipment and found them to be extremely helpful in determining and meeting requirements for sterilization equipment. Within a week we had our new unit up and running and support service was always available to help us with our questions. I highly recommend Andersen Products for any gas sterilization system needs."

Douglas R. Birns, M.D.
NewYork, NY


"We run it 24/7 and the lights never go out."

David Bays, Tech
Las Vegas, NV


"The orders are delivered rapidly and there is never any back order. So, nothing to highlight. All goes well just now".

Mme J Avigne, Préparatrice en pharmacie, ,
Ussel, France