• banner-img01aL'oxyde d'éthylène peut atteindre
    les zones les plus difficiles d'accès
  • Des études ont démontré que l'oxyde d'éthylène stérilise efficacement
  • les canaux longs et étroits des endoscopes flexibles.



Market Sectors

Andersen EtO gas sterilizers deliver highly effective and safe sterilization of the widest range of items in a gentle, single process that preserves and extends the life of devices. Customers include hospitals, clinics and medical device manufacturers. Andersen’s unique micro-dose delivery system uses under 18ml of EtO to achieve the 10-6 sterility Assurance Level (SAL) required by EN ISO 556-1.

Products range from the entry level, ambient temperature Anprolene machines, through to the fast or high capacity EOGas machines that run at 50°C.The Series 4 sterilization cycles lasts just 3 hours. Customers may also wish to use an abator, which removes over 99% of the EtO from the exhaust

The entire product range is CE marked, extremely reliable and simple to install. The negative pressure maintained in the cabinet, combined with the tiny amount of EtO being used each cycle, means that Andersen cabinets easily meet any required exposure limits. The consumables are all free of EtO after use and may be disposed of as household waste.