Dénégation de responsabilité

Dénégation de responsabilité

This website is designed to provide general product information and is not a contractual document or offer of sale. As part of our continuous product improvements, Andersen reserves the right to modify at any time, and without notice, the technical details and options set forth on this website. The equipment shown is either factory-fitted or available as an optional extra depending on the make and/or model of the product. Where a feature is described as being an option it should be assumed that it is at an additional cost unless specifically stated otherwise. For further details please contact your nearest Andersen Products Ltd. customer services representative.

Permitted Usage of Content

Permission is granted to reproduce the information contained on this website for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring and lending is prohibited. Should you wish to reproduce any part of this website ? apart from the aforementioned ? written authorisation will need to be obtained from: Sales and Marketing, Andersen Products Ltd., Davy Road, Gorse Lane Industrial Estate, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex, CO15 4XA, United Kingdom. Telephone: +44 (0)1255 428328 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Computer Virus Protection

Whilst we make every effort to check and guard our material against viruses it is recommended that you run an anti-virus programme on all material downloaded from the Internet. Andersen Products does not accept any responsibility for loss, disruption or damage to your data, or your computer system, which has occurred whilst using or downloading material derived from this website.

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